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Product ID: 408
Multi Image Fresnel Lens
In Stock: 10
Multi Image Fresnel Lens
Size: 175mm x 245mm
Thickness: 0.4mm
Material: optical PVC
Focal Length: -40mm (wide angle lens) & 300mm (magnifier)
Protective case: No
This lens contains one large magnifier (75 x 175mm) and 25 wide angle lenses. Look or photograph through Multi Image Fresnel Lens for 25 wonderful images. Apply Multi-image Lens on glass anywhere - display windows, shower doors, fish tank and mirrors for spectacular decorative effects. It can be easily cut by scissors.
Quantity   Unit Price
   250~      $1.10
   100~      $1.20
    50~      $1.30
    25~      $1.50
Price: US$1.79
209 JPY 1.60 EUR

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